Saturday, December 19, 2009


I broke 2700 miles running for the year. I actually did a 10 minute run today in the snow. Conditions were not that good to run in so I did not want to get hurt. I actually be averaging about 40 miles a week in the past two weeks which is good. My hip/leg is beginning to be a bit sore so I have to start doing my exercising again. Enjoy the snow and the holidays.

Congrats to Villanova for Winning the Div 1 AA football championship. GO CATS

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hoilday Spirit

Here is a good holiday story. When I run, I usually run the same way or route but lately I have been mixing it up. So on my run a week back I noticed a store rewards card and a college id and that was about it. I ran this route a couple times and I still saw this stuff sitting there. So this past Monday I was running and I past the stuff again but this time I notice a wallet down the embankment so I stopped and looked through it. There was a driver license, a boat license and a social security card in it. I had no pockets so I grabbed this stuff and continued my run. When I got home, I got on facebook and I found the kid and told him I had his stuff and I told him I would mail it back to him. I felt bad that he could not come and get the rest of the stuff so later in the day I went back in my car and I gathered the wallet and all the stuff I could find scattered and I picked it all up. I then put it all in an envelope and mailed it back. I will let you know what the outcome is once he receives all his stuff. It is all about Karma.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well did two races in two days. Got our Christmas tree up and the house is decorated inside and out. First did a 5k at Penn State Brandywine on Saturday. This was a no frills trail 5k. There were no bib numbers no timers etc. We just got the command runners set and start. I ended up finishing first in a time of 20:31. Not my best time but it was cold, wet and an it was a trail run. Very neat event and lots of nice giveaways. Before the race we also got to hear Chirs McDougall talk about born to run and how he runs barefoot and how it is supposed to help you. I am interested in learning more about this but I am not sure barefoot running is something I will be doing in the near future. (by the way I beat him in the race) Overall this was a cool event especially that it was free and got to race in the snow.

Today I did the 32rd annual Brian"s Run. This used to be a 10K that started and ended at West Chester University but due to financial issues it moved to a high school in West Chester and it was changed to a 5 miler. This was a nice race also. I ran a 30:46. It was a tough course. Alot of hills and it was also cold. I hope they keep this race like this for the years to come.

Overall both races went well. I have been battling a cold and also I still not fully recovered from the Philadelphia Marathon so in these shorter races it is hard to find that extra gear. I am not sure if I will do anymore races this year. I hope to keep a base of 30 miles a week.

Enjoy the cold weather and stay warm and enjoy the holiday cheer.

I have also updated all my race results.

Monday, November 30, 2009

NOV 2009 Wrap Up

Well ended the month with 110 miles.

I ended up running 2 marathons and one 5k in the month. Personal Record on the second marathon.

Next on tap is a new 5k this Saturday and a revamped Brian's run Sunday (5 miler not a 10k)

I have begun to read a new book called Iron Heart I will let you know what i think of it when I finish it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not race related

So welcome to the world of Comcast. For all those who have comcast cable you can relate to my story. We have comcast everything (phone, Internet, TV) as a result you get caller id on the TV. Comcast states that it is only available on hd boxes ( not correct) Anyway we have a newer digital set on our TVs and this box gets caller id even know comcast says it does not. So what is my point?

Here is my rant. Couple weeks ago I got comcast to ship me a new digital box for free but it never came I then contacted them and after them admitting they were wrong I got the correct box shipped. So finally the box comes I hook it up and i call to activate it. Well when you call you are usually calling an out sourced location since a trained ape could do this job. Anyway the person answered and said there name was like lisa but they sounded like they were India. So they activated the box said wait 45 minutes and i should be all set well 45 minutes go by and guess what no luck. I call comcast I think it may have been somewhere in the U.S. and they say wait 24 hours. Fast forward to the next day I call and the guy who answers (American) says that it should have been 45 minutes not 24 hours so the one person was wrong. So the saga continues he orders a service call and states the box needs to be replaced. The tech comes and says that he does not have the correct box to replace the one I need so no luck. Finally I take the box myself and exchange it and hook the new one up and guess what. The box does not work. So I call comcast again and I get a normal person who was based in the U.S. and he finally figures out that the first person messed my account up and that is why the first box and now the second box did not work. He gets it to work and I think all is fine. Not to be so lucky a channel was still not working so I call comcast again (Jamaica this time) and then reset the box and still does not so I switch them and call them again and finally it works. So to sum this story up I had to contact comcast over 7 times ( 3 countries) just to get my cable box to work and you wonder why people want to switch to Fios. If you call and tell them you wanna switch you can get a better deal. Enjoy your turkey day.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well time to take recovery and get some rest. I am doing a 5k this weekend nice and easy. Its a small 5k which is nice. Enjoy the holidays and don't each too much.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Philadelphia Marathon Wrap-Up

Michael Danko #241

West Chester, PA
Age: 30 Gender: M


Well another marathon in in the books. Three weeks after NYC I decided to run Philly well it proved out to be a success.

The one thing I like about Philly being able to sleep in your own bed the night before.

4am wake-up get ready and out the door by 4:45am. I met my buddy and we drove down and parked the car and then headed to the start. We did a little warm up and then waited for the race to begin. The gun when off and we are off. I started out a bit quick and knew I needed to settle in at a slower pace. (I was running with my one buddy at this point.) As the first few miles went by I was able to settle may pace in around 6:48/6:49. Around mile 9 the 3 hour pace group caught up with me so I decided to run with them. This helped some of the boring miles go by on west river drive. Around mile 12 I had to stop and water the plants but I did not lose much time at all. Went through half way at 1:29:46. So I knew I was on a good pace. As we ran up lemon hill and Kelly drive this is where the training really comes into play since it is very quiet here and not much crowd support so it can be lonely and mentally challenging. As we neared the 20 mile mark in Manyaunk (My buddy had faded) the crowds picked up and make the race go by quick. Once we turned around we started heading back towards Kelly drive and towards the finish line. I was still with the pace group and was still on pace to break 3 hours. As the miles started passing 21, 22, 23 I knew I had to begin to push the pace in order to break 3 hours. Once I passed 24.5 I began to pick up the pace and make my move. As I passed in front of the art museum (the old finish line) the crowds were great. I made one last turn passed the 26 mile mark and I began to sprint and I cruise over the finish line in 2:59:23 a new PR. It was nice to run this race again. My first time running Philly since 2006.

Keys to successful race.
1. Proper diet the days leading up to the race
2. Proper Hydration leading up to the race
3. Good Night Sleep
4. Took Cliff Shots every 6 miles and Hammer E caps and Anti Fatigue
5. Strong will and determination.
6. Scene from Rocky 5 [after Rocky has been seemingly defeated] Yo, Tommy! I didn't hear no bell..(meaning one more round or 3 more miles)

Overall, I thought i was a nice race. There were some issues that I think they need to fix. Running the half and full at the same time and be hard since you have no idea who is running which race it also makes the first part of the course very much more crowded. The aid stations were nice but I did see some where they were not fully staffed and people were grabbing their own fluids. Also I did not see any aid stations for medical if someone had an issue. Another big issue was the finish. Since the finish was on the other side of Eakins Oval you have to run around it on your way back from Kelly Drive and as a result you have to weave you way though the slower runners coming through their first half and this can be dangerous. I think they need to address this issue next year I heard people talking about this before and after the race. One other thing was the finish. There were family members and all kinds of spectators in the area right after the finish this made it very crowded. Security is a big issue at most major marathons but it seemed to me that they were short staffed. I must say it was a nice race but if Philly wants to move up in the major marathon scene they need to address these issues.

Congrats to all those who ran today I got my BQ fro 2011. Now time to relax.


MCM RaceDay Alert

Michael Danko @ 30K in 02:07:26 (NET). Pace: 6:50. Predicted: 2:59:14. Powered by the Philadelphia Marathon.

MCM RaceDay Alert

Michael Danko @ 25K in 01:29:46 (NET). Pace: 5:46. Predicted: 2:31:30. Powered by the Philadelphia Marathon.

MCM RaceDay Alert

Michael Danko @ 10K in 00:42:08 (NET). Pace: 6:46. Predicted: 2:57:46. Powered by the Philadelphia Marathon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

FREE 5K Race

It is really free. The race director emailed me. They only give tee shirts out to the first 100 people but still a free 5k race. I will take that.

I am all set for Philly.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anything For A T-Shirt

Well I finally finished this book. This book which I started awhile back was about Fred Lebow and how he created the NYC Marathon. I had all intentions of finishing this book way before the NYC Marathon but I got distracted from it. I must say this was a good book. I enjoyed how it told the story of how the Marathon came to be from Fred's perspective. The NYC Marathon as we know it today came from them moving the event out of central park to the 5 boroughs to celebrate the Bicentennial. If you have a chance read this book I am not going to spoil its enjoyment.

Philly on Sunday.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Well I have decided that I am going to run the Philadelphia Marathon next Sunday. I got my bib Number 241. I did a race earlier this year and I was 242 found that kinda funny. Anyway the weather is looking good compared to this week. I have been out running but nothing to crazy. I am still a bit sore from NYC (knee and ankle) but that's to be expected. Hopefully next week I can taper a bit and be ready for Sunday. I know one thing that is important is hydration the forecast is calling for warm weather so that means it will require more fluid intake before and during the race.

I am feeling better health wise so that makes a huge difference because running a marathon sick is no fun. As for a goal. I am not setting one. I am just gonna run and see what happens. Enjoy the weekend and GO NOVA.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Whats next?

Well I have taken a week off from running and it feels nice not to have to be training for anything. I am signed up for the Philly Marathon on Nov 22nd and I think I am going to run. I will keep everyone posted on my decision. As for my training log and race results I will update them this week. Enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NYC Marathon Wrap up

Well another Marathon in the books. I ended up with a finishing time of 3:16:58 This was my slowest Marathon time ever but I finished and I had fun doing it. I ended up getting a stomach bug last Tues/Wed and that took most of my energy away from me. I was not eating right, Hydration was messed up and I was not feeling good the night before the race but I ran anyway. It was a battle and I wanted to run no matter what. For those who read this if you are sick the week before a race do not run. I have been in pain before when racing but this one hurt. Here is a wrap up of the weekend.

Got up to NJ Sat morning and went to my buddies place. We then headed over to the expo. I have been to many race expos but I was not that impressed by this one plus it was crazy crowded, hot and everything was picked over. We did not stay long and headed back to NJ.

Sunday morning (race day) got up and prepared to run this race. I was able to get dropped off at the start rather then take the bus. Once I got dropped off I had to wait online for almost 30 minutes to get into the starting area because they were checking all bags. This was a pain and needed to be done better since most of the people in line were foreigners and did not speak English. Once inside the race start area I got my stuff together and waited for the race. Once it was time they lined us up in corrals and then took us out on to the bridge but this was still messed up because they allowed a slower corral to go out first which cause chaos and people were running to try and get to the front. Eventually everything smoothed out and we got on the bridge and waited. Finally at 9:40 the race began and we were off. The first mile is all up hill over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge then you run through Brooklyn. The one I did notice was the first 2 mile markers were off by about .1 of a mile then eventually it evened out but not sure what mile it did because I did not run the tangent I ended up running 26.47 miles.

Well back to the race. The first half was great i was on pace to run 2:55/2:56 but then things started to go south. Around mile 13 there is a bridge and this is were I saw my times begin to slow. Then around mile 15 when you cross the 59th bridge this was were I lost all my steam. After mile 15 things went down hill. I have run races where I have hit the wall and usually you can't even think straight but this was nothing like that. I was flat out of energy. I heard NYC is a tough race because the course can beat you up. Well know I know the course and know what to expect. I guess being sick the week before does not help. Overall i thought this was a good race and I would definitely run it again. The only thing I found hard was that there is no real space to warm up. The crowds were great but walking almost a mile at the end to get your stuff is not fun. Congrats to all those who ran. Maybe you see me at Philly in 3 weeks.

Time for some recovery and rest. GO PHILS

Sunday, November 01, 2009

New York Road Runners Alert Notification

Event: ING New York City Marathon 2009
Last Name: Danko
First Name: Michael

Below are the latest runner's results:
Location: 5 Kilometers
Time: 00:20:25.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.79
Location: 10 Kilometers
Time: 00:40:47.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.99
Location: 15 Kilometers
Time: 01:01:59.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:39.00
Location: 20 Kilometers
Time: 01:23:47.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:44.40
Location: Half-Marathon
Time: 01:28:50.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:46.84
Location: 25 Kilometers
Time: 01:46:23.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:50.99
Location: 30 Kilometers
Time: 02:08:51.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:54.73
Location: 35 Kilometers
Time: 02:33:39.00
Pace/mile: 00:07:03.84
Location: 40 Kilometers
Time: 03:02:11.00
Pace/mile: 00:07:19.86
Location: Finish
Time: 03:16:58.00
Pace/mile: 00:07:31.05
All times are unofficial. Times may vary in post race official results.

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Notification System. Please do not reply.

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Runners, you can unsubscribe by visiting

New York Road Runners Alert Notification

Event: ING New York City Marathon 2009
Last Name: Danko
First Name: Michael

Below are the latest runner's results:
Location: 5 Kilometers
Time: 00:20:25.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.79
Location: 10 Kilometers
Time: 00:40:47.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.99
Location: 15 Kilometers
Time: 01:01:59.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:39.00
All times are unofficial. Times may vary in post race official results.

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Notification System. Please do not reply.

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Runners, you can unsubscribe by visiting

New York Road Runners Alert Notification

Event: ING New York City Marathon 2009
Last Name: Danko
First Name: Michael

Below are the latest runner's results:
Location: 5 Kilometers
Time: 00:20:25.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.79
Location: 10 Kilometers
Time: 00:40:47.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.99
All times are unofficial. Times may vary in post race official results.

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New York Road Runners Alert Notification

Event: ING New York City Marathon 2009
Last Name: Danko
First Name: Michael

Below are the latest runner's results:
Location: 5 Kilometers
Time: 00:20:25.00
Pace/mile: 00:06:33.79
All times are unofficial. Times may vary in post race official results.

Please note: This e-mail was sent from the NYRR Automated E-mail
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The taper continues

Well less then 4 days away and the NYC Marathon will be underway. Make sure you track me bib # 3069 or watch it live on line. I will include instructions on how to do this in this post. Leg feels good and just enjoying the rest.


Track me here.

While you’re running, folks will be trying to catch a glimpse of the marathon—whether they’re on First Avenue in Manhattan or across the globe. WNBC 4 New York will broadcast a live five-hour program starting at 9:00 a.m. NBC Sports will broadcast a two-hour feature from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. EST. Set your DVR to relive the race later!

For live race streaming, visit, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Streaming coverage will also be available on-demand from your computer when you return home.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

NYC 1 week away

Well the taper is going well. Glad these rainy days are during my taper weeks because I would hate to do long runs in the rain. Did a 5k this morning in Delaware. It was nice race. Very well organized. I finished 3rd overall and won my age group in a time of 17:42. It was about 70 degrees and 100% humidity. I will update more as the marathon approaches. Enjoy the weekend.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Long Run

This was the last ling run before the NYC Marathon.

View Interactive Map on

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5k Next weekend

One way to keep up the intensity is to run a short race like a 5 of 10 k so next Saturday I am running a 5k in DE it is in support of a friend's daughter. Here is the info and a chance to race me before I head off to tour the 5 boroughs of NYC. See info below.

Run for the Buds presented by Valero.

5K run / walk at the Wilmington Riverfront on Saturday, October 24th at 9AM.

Please consider joining us for the RUN or WALK. (**Note** we'll probably have more walkers than runners.)

If you can not attend, we are accepting donations online as well.

Registration and additional information is available on our website.

P.S. We have a team name = "Amanda Gilligan"

Week 14 NYC Training (Taper week 1)

Well taper is going well and the leg is feeling better. I am glad it was a taper weekend because doing a long run in the cold and rain is not my idea of fun. All the hard work is over now it is time to rest but keep up the intensity. I will do one more mid distance run this week 12-15 miles just to keep fresh. Enjoy the weekend. GO PHILS beat LA.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 | View LBI 18 Miler in Beach Haven, New Jersey | View LBI 18 Miler in Beach Haven, New Jersey

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So the marathon is less then 3 weeks away. The leg is feeling much better. I am keeping up with stretching and all the other exercises that go along with it. I am reducing my mileage but keep up the intensity. I probably do one more mid range run 12-15 miles within the next week and then begin to cut mileage even more to get ready for the big race. I posted a map of the race from Sunday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NYC Training Week # 13

Let the "taper" begin. Did 60 miles last week to finish up week 13.

3 weeks to go. Leg is feeling better.

Did the LBI 18 mile run yesterday. This was a cool race. 18 miles straight and flat. My time was 1:55:03 4 in age group and 15 overall. This was a good tune up as NYC is less then 3 weeks away.

Broke 2400 miles for the year. Enjoy the cool running weather this week.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

NYC Training Week # 12

4 weeks till race day. I ended up with 85 miles for the week which was a nice amount for the week. Leg is getting better each day. Next week have a 18 miler in LBI should be a nice tune up before NYC. Enjoy the fall running weather.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sept 2009 Wrap-Up

163 miles for the month.

Did a 20 miler yesterday and leg felt good. I am signed up for the LBI-18 miler next Sunday. That will be a good race with a month left until NYC. Leg is feeling better get a couple more long runs in then begin the taper. Enjoy the weekend. GO PHILS.

Monday, September 28, 2009

NYC training week 11

Well the leg is about 85% better. I can run but there still is some soreness and stiffness but it is more manageable then it was. I continue to do my exercises and stretches after each run and they are helping

I had a good week mileage wise. I ended up with 72 miles for the week. I had a long run of 17 miles which was nice. I would like to get one more 20 miler in. I have updated the NYC training log.

Enjoy your week. Happy running.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Philly Distance Run

Great race today. I set a new PR my previous PR was 1:21:22 so as you can see I almost broke 84 seconds.

This was my first time running this race and since the leg injury I was not sure how my leg would respond. It was about 52 degrees when the race started but it quickly warmed up since the sun was out and it is still summer. The first few miles were nice since we were running through downtown Philadelphia. This can be somewhat difficult since the roads are not the best. As you leave center city you run along west river drive. This can be lonely since there is no real crowds support and the bands that play are only getting started. Once you make it to the falls bridge you cross and head down Kelly drive. This is still lonely but there are more people here. As you approach the 12 mile mark you are nearing the end and coming back toward the start finish. The last mile is nice and the finish area was well setup. Overall, I did enjoy this race.

I must say people who race with HR monitors need to set them so they do not beep every 2 seconds because during a race they will since you are most likely in a higher range so its gonna beat just turn it off and second people who stomp when they race. I am not at the circus so please keep the sound effects to yourself.

So I will see how the leg feels tomorrow I plan on keeping the exercises and stretching going this week and see how my mileage comes along. I have 6 weeks til NYC and today was a good test to see where I stand with my training. Congrats to all those who ran today.


DistanceHALF MAR
Clock Time1:20:00
Chip Time1:19:58
Overall Place172 / 12247
Gender Place155 / 5853
Division Place27 / 912
Age Grade74.1%
5 Km18:40
10 Km37:30
10 Mi1:00:56

Friday, September 18, 2009

Philly Distance Run

Well this Sunday is the PDR. A 13.1 mile trek through the city of Philadelphia. I had set a goal to break 1:20:00 but that was before I hurt my leg. The leg is feeling better I was able to get 30 miles into and a nice rest day tomorrow I should be good for Sunday. Bib # is 1123. I will post my results on Sunday.

I saw a PT on Wed and it was I thought is was before.

Piriformis syndrome

He gave me some exercises and some stretches so we will see how they work. I am glad I am able to run again. Recovery is going well. Enjoy your weekend. I will update the training log in the next few days.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Verdict is in.

Image of sciatic nerve (hence leg pain)

So I went to the sports Doc today. They diagnosed me with two things.

What is hip bursitis, and what symptoms does it cause?

There are two major bursae of the hip, inflammation of which can both be associated with stiffness and pain around the hip joint. The trochanteric bursa is located on the side of the hip. It is separated significantly from the actual hip joint by tissue and bone. Trochanteric bursitis frequently causes tenderness of the outer hip, making it difficult for patients to lie on the involved side, frequently making sleep difficult. It also causes a dull, burning pain on the outer hip that is often made worse with excessive walking or stair climbing. The ischial bursa is located in the upper buttock area. Ischial bursitis can cause dull pain in this area that is most noticeable when climbing uphill. The pain sometimes occurs after prolonged sitting on hard surfaces, hence the names "weaver's bottom" and "tailor's bottom."

Bursitis of the hip is the most common cause of hip pain

This was the pain on the outside of my leg


What is sciatica?

Sciatica is pain resulting from irritation of the sciatic nerve. The pain of sciatica is typically felt from the low back to behind the thigh and radiating down below the knee. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and begins from nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord in the low back and extends through the buttock area to send nerve endings down the lower limb.

So after xrays to make sure nothing was broke or fractured they told me that I can go to PT and get some exercises and also they gave me a shot of cortisone in my hip and some extra strength ibuprofen. So I will see how this works out. As for running the doc said I can run so I am gonna give my leg off this weekend and then see how it feels next week in preparation for the PDR.

One thing I also need to do is strength training. I have be lacking in this department and as a result this injury has occurred. Sometimes you live and learn.

Enjoy your weekend. GO EAGLES.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Coaching and Personal Training info

People sometimes ask me if I would help them with a workout or a running or even a triathlon program. So here is your chance to take advantage of this service. If you are just beginning or just need some help I am here to help. Now this service would not be free and prices would be based on level of need and frequency. If you want a simple workout program that would be the cheapest. Now if you wanted a program and the program to be changed up every couple of weeks that would be more. And if you wanted a program and all it modifications and me to help coach or guide you that would be more. If you are interested leave me contact info or email me.

Contact me for the various levels of pricing.

Piriformis syndrome

Well i tried running today and I got the same pain again. I thought it was my IT band but no. you can read about what I think is wrong here. I have an apt with sports Dr on Thursday. I will keep updating.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thats a negative ghost rider.

Well training is on hold. After last Sunday's hard run I think I have developed a case of IT band syndrome. Your it band runs the from your hip down to your knee on the outside of your leg and it get tight from overuse. Something last week during my run triggered it to become very sore. So now I am resting, icing and repeat. I did a get a foam roller today and I used that. It makes it feel alot better when you use it. I have to see how it feels on Tuesday and then I will see where to take it from there. Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Aug 2009 Wrap up

Well I ran a bit over 400 miles for the month which is a record. I am over 2100 for the year.

Sept is going to be a busy month racing wise. I have two half's back to back so that will be fun. I am taking a few days off to rest this week. These days are off are not by choice but more out of caution. I bruised my hip running on Sunday. The course we run in VF park has this one gravel downhill that can be tricky and I think I stepped funny plus I was wearing a lighter then normal running shoe.

So I have been resting it and we will see how it feel by the end of the week. I rather rest now since I but a lot of base miles in over the summer. I also got a pair of inserts at a running store to add some support so we will see how that help. Enjoy this cool weather it is a taste of marathon season.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

NYC Training Week #7

83 miles for the week.

Did a 22 miler today. We started later then normal and it got warm real quick. We ended up running a 6:51 pace which was good. The only bad thing was the heat. We ran hard and I am actually a bit sore.

I am signed up for the Harrisburg Half Marathon on Sept 13th. This is the weekend before the Philly Distance so it will be neat to race back to back weekends. Enjoy the fall like weather this week.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

NYC Training Week # 6

75 miles for the week.

The longest days was only 12 miles but the previous 3 weeks I have done 3 plus 20 mile runs so a less then 20 mile run is good. Well this by far was the hardest week of training I have had. I don't mean in terms of distance but in heat. It was 90+ for 6 days and the humidity was about the same. I don't mind heat but the humidity is the worst to run in. I compare running in humidity to running with a blanket on. Humidity does not allow your body to sweat properly and cool down so you stay hot and sweat more.

The first six weeks so far have been good. Last summer I did some speed work and this summer I have not done any. I think speed work is good but I the racing I am doing is taking the place of my speed work. I use the shorter distance races as my speed work.

Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

West Chester Summer XC Series

Well I finally ran one of these races. There are 7 in all and I did #6. This is a summer series every other Tues at the Westtown School. It is a 5K cross country course. This was a good race. I was somewhat familiar with the course since I run on it normally although the race was setup differently then I usually run it. Overall I had fun it was Hot and Humid but I still managed a 16:45 and 8th place overall. I may or may not do the last one in 2 weeks we shall see. Keep cool.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spirit Of The Marathon

Watched this movie last night and I must say it was a good documentary. Here is a quick summary of the movie

Spirit of the Marathon is the first ever non-fiction feature film to capture the drama and essence of the famed 26.2 mile running event. Filmed on four continents, the movie brings together a diverse cast of amateur athletes and marathon luminaries.

As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike.

The movie leads up to the 2005 Chicago Marathon.

I would recommend this movie to runners and non runners. It shows those who ask why we run and those who know we run what the marathon is all about. It was a very well done documentary.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well 203 to be exact. This is my 200th post on my blog so I thought I would make it interesting.

Why 203? Well in the past two weeks I have ran 203 miles. 101 last week and 102 this week.

Week 5 for the NYC Marathon training is in the books and I ran 102 miles just about a little over 12 hours. Did some two a days this week and ran 20 today. Had a good run at VF with avg pace of around 6:56. Training is going well. We will see what this week has in store but I do not think I will be push the century mark again. Happy training.

Keep cool and wear your sunscreen.

Miles Time

102.12 12:05:49

% change
Week 1 80.03
Week 2 83.55 4%
Week 3 78.68 -6%
Week 4 101.27 22%
Week 5 102.12 1%

Total 445.65


Well my Garmin Forerunner died on Monday. I have had this watch for almost 3 years. This is a great GPS and I felt naked without it. For the most of the I had to run with a normal watch and then come home and use the Internet to see how far I ran. This can be a pain especially if you are going for distance but this week I just went out and ran for time and estimated how far I went.

I found a new Garmin online with free 3 day shipping and it arrived yesterday. I was able to use it for my long run today. I am glad to have this watch again.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Well week 4 is in the books.

I ended up with 101 miles for the week. This is the most I have ever run in one week. This is a feat I must say. I have always wanted to run 100 miles in a week but for some reason this past week I chose to do it.

So how did this happen? I ran my usually volume of miles through Wednesday. Then on Thursday and Friday I did two runs. One in the morning and one in the eve. I was around 78 miles by Saturday and that is when I did my 22 mile long run. So as you can see it takes some times and some two a day runs. Even though I had 78 miles going into my long run Sat we ended up running 22 miles at about a 6:50 pace. That is a good run at just about marathon pace. So overall is was a good week of training. I am over the 1800 mile mark for the year.

Enjoy your week.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

July 2009 Wrap UP

322 miles for the month of July. That is the most I have run in a single month. I also broke 1700 for the year.

Its official I am in for the NYC Marathon on Nov 1st and the Philly Marathon Nov 22nd. Should be fun 3 week turn around.

As for the NYC training I ran 83 miles last week with a long run of 15 miles. For this week ( week 3#) I ran 78 miles with a long run of 22 miles. It was nice to get a 20 plus mile run in. We averaged 6:54 per mile. ( we were hauling)

No races on the calender for Aug yet. The Philly Distance run is Sept 20th.

I have updated all excel files.

Enjoy your week.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Raptor Run

Did a 10 mile( 9.7 miles according to the GPS) trail race today. I ended up with a second place overall finish. I got a framed picture of American Bald Eagle. This is a cool award beats another medal. As for the race itself it was a cool race. It was not your ordinary trail run. This had everything rocks, stumps, roots, mud, down trees and everything else you could image. I would say this would be a hard course to ride on a mountain bike. There were some good climbs and some good downhills. I was muddy and sweaty when I was done. I think I am going to add some more trails races to my schedule to go along with my marathons. As you can see above I have a course map and an elevation chart.

I post my NYC week #2 tomorrow. Stay cool and keep training.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NYC Training Week #1

Well one week down. I ended up with 80 miles for the week. My long run was a 17 miler which was nice.

I have added my training log to the blog make sure you check it out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

16 weeks

Well today is 16 weeks until the NYC Marathon on Nov. 1st. So the training officially begins.

I ended up running 71 miles last week. No real long run just a bunch of medium runs each day.

I did a nice 11 miles today and I broke 1500 for the year.

I am floating the idea of running the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 22nd. It is 3 weeks after NYC and I think it be fun to run it again since this was my first ever marathon and also since it is so close to home. We will see I have another month to make my decision. Enjoy the nice weather and keep training.

Congrats to Todd on his Ironman Switzerland 2009 finish.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Run for a good cause

For all those who read my blog and are running the NYC half-Marathon on Aug 16, 2009 here is a good cause to run for.

I myself am not running the half but I am running the full in Nov. I had people to ask to get the word out about The Fresh Air Fund.

Check out their site seems like a good cause to run for.

Enjoy your week.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Long time since a good post

Media 5 miler Finish

Well things have been a bit crazy and now I have to time to get everyone up to date.

June was a good month training and racing. I did 240 miles for the month and 3 races. Two 5ks and a 5 miler.

I broke 1400 mile for the year. I am about 175 miles over where I was this point last year. July 12th is the official date for the 16 week training to begin for the NYC Marathon. I have been keeping my base over 50 miles for the past few weeks so the transition to training mode should not be that difficult. It will be good to begin training and even get some speed work in.

Happy belated July 4th. Speaking of July 4th I did a 15k yesterday in Downingtown, PA. This race is in it 31st year. They have a 5k, 10, 15k and 5k walk. It was nice race 3 loops for the 15k. I ended winning the 15k in a time 55:40 (clock time) I posted my splits below. It was hard to tell who was winning or even racing the 15k until the 3rd loop. I saw a guy ahead of me and I knew that was leader. I stayed on him and noticed him begin to fade. As we hit a small hill I made my move and passed him. I ended up catching the police who were out to ride with the leader. They realized that I was in front and then took off. I hammered the last mile out and won by over 40 seconds. It was a good race. A lesson to be learned from this race is that it is not over til the end. I wanted to win so I was going to catch this guy or make him try to the end to keep me in second. As you can see the first one prevailed. Here are my splits.

              15K LAP SPLITS

Place Bib# Name Gen Age Chiptime
===== ===== ======================= === === =======
1 140 Michael Danko M 30 55:38

1: 18:38 18:38
2: 18:49 37:27
3: 18:12 55:38

Enjoy your week. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Smooth Criminal

RIP Michael Jackson.

I have been crazy busy so therefore lack of posts. I will catch everyone up on what has been going on this week. Enjoy the Holiday. Now Just Beat It, whooo

Monday, June 22, 2009

5k this weekend

More info click here. It is for a great cause.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Media 5 Miler

1st place in age group males 30-34 and 16th overall.

Time 28:47

This was a good race. 2 loops of a 2.5 mile course. It was a hilly course which made it a challenge. The weather was nice but it was a bit humid. Overall I would recommend this race.

Ended up doing 58 miles last week. Only a couple more weeks until NYC Marathon training begins.

5K this Sunday.

Enjoy your week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whats Happening

Well did 56 miles last week.

Did a 11 mile run on Sunday.

Media 5 miler is this Friday 7pm. Should be a good race.

All else is well and quiet.

More to come this week.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Badges of Honor 5k

Did a 5k over the weekend. It was the first year and it was very well organized. I ended up 3rd overall with a time of 17:22. That is my fastest 5k time to date. For the week I ended up with 40 miles. I am trying to keep my base around 40 so that I have a solid base when I begin training for the NYC marathon in July. Can you guess who that is in the picture? Enjoy your week.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

NYRR Half Marathon Brooklyn

NYRR Grand Prix: Brooklyn

Distance: 13.1 Miles, 21.1 Kilometers
Date/Time: May 30, 2009, 8:00 am
Location: Coney Island to Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Weather: 65 Deg. 75% Hum.Clear

Overall Gender Age Group Time Pace

82/9415 80/5074 28/1062 1:21:22 6:12

Did a Half Marathon in Brooklyn NYC this past Sat. Was a nice run. I ran it just to run it was nice to set a new PR for a Half Marathon. The weather was nice got a little warm towards the end of the race.

As for other numbers I ran over 200 miles for the month, 55 for the week.

This week will be some lower miles as I use this as a recovery week. Doing a 5k on Saturday Morning.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What has been going on

It has been awhile since my last post. I ran 52 miles last week. I broke 1100 for the year. Up next a half marathon in Brooklyn, NYC this week. Should be a good race and it is cheap to enter. All else is quiet on the western front just putting some mileage in for good old sake. Enjoy your week. GO PHILS

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Philly Tri

Well I have decided to defer the Philly Tri until next year. I have done this races 3 times and it is fun but after Boston I have no desire to train hard for something and I have not been in a pool so that is a problem also. I am going to do some road racing since I have the time now. There are some local races that I want to do and not have to train for. I will keep all posted on my running races as we enter the summer months.

Enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009


So what is next on the racing circuit.

I am may defer my Philly tri to next year. I have not been in a pool and I don't have the will to train for something like a tri right now. Boston was a hell of a race and it took alot out of me. Speaking of Boston I was reading Running Times from April which I just got in the mail. There is an article in there on Boston. It reads almost like my race report. Not to get too drawn into the crowds and such if you want to read the article in full pick up a copy or I can scan it.

So what is next?

5K June 6th.
5 miler June 19th

Maybe some other shorts races not 100% sure yet. Got a nice 40 plus miles in this week. Enjoy your week more to come.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Broad Street again and 5K for a good cause

Here are my results for Broad Street over the past 4 years.

2007 1:02:32
2008 1:02:22
2009 59:46

As for my next race I have a few that I am thinking about as for the 5K you can read about it here. If you want to run it there is a link on the page or I can send you the info. Enjoy the rest of the week. Hopefully the rain will let up soon.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Broad Street Run The Final Verdict

They corrected my time. Next year they need to use a better timing system and limit the umber of people.

Here was their response.

Sometimes folks end up in the no name file (not sure why). Our scoring company is currently matching up those folks (name on registration file to bib number) and posting them as he finds a match. Sorry your results weren't posted yesterday.

Mike Danko #494

West Chester, PA
Age: 30 Gender: M
Clock Time01:00:15
Chip Time00:59:46
Overall Place158 / 23140
Gender Place149 / 11414
Division Place26 / 1935
Age Grade74.3%

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Broad Street the saga.....

Well my chip did not record. So I am an unofficial finisher. I will post more when I have more info.

My stats from what I put together

1:00:15 159 overall out of 23075 149 males out of 11369 26 males 30-34 out of 1924.

All I know is the disposal chip people who I will not name until I have an answer should be held responsibility and they should go back to the old chip system. I had a good race but I heard many negative things about the size and the way they started the race. I know the city is in a budget crisis but if you cannot run a race properly cancel it. More to come when I have more answers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That is my bib # for Broad Street.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Recovery is going well. I did 5 miles yesterday and 5 miles today. I hope to get some miles in on the bike this week and in a pool soon. This Sunday is Broad Street a local 10 mile run through Philadelphia. This year they may top 25,000. The one good thing they did this year is they are putting people in corrals which will help with the start. I keep you posted. Run is 8:30am on Sunday.

Make sure you check out the race report. Keep cool.

Enjoy your week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boston Marathon Race Report

Friday April 17th we (Jen and I) departed for Boston around 10am and arrived in Boston around 4pm. We headed to the Expo first to get my race number and goodie bag. Going on Friday eve was so much better. We were able to walk around and see everything. I met Team Hoyt. These two are a true inspiration. One main thing I got was a free pace band from Nike. I had mine created for 2:59:00 so I knew what I had to run in order to make my sub 3 hour goal. We left the expo and headed to check in our hotel and get something to eat. Our hotel this year was downtown and much closer to the finish and the bus pick up. I would definitely stay here next year. Room was small but we did not mind at all.

Saturday April 18th. Got up and did a nice 2.5 mile run around The Boston Commons. It was nice to get out and run for a bit after being in a car all day Friday. After my run, the Jen and I headed out to see some sites of Boston. We decided to tour the Boston Freedom Trail. This is a 2.5-mile trek through some of the most historic sites of Boston. Jen and I had fun doing this. Although walking this much was probably not the best idea before a marathon, but I had all day Sunday to relax. The Freedom Trail was neat and at the end is Bunker Hill. Bunker Hill has a 600-foot monument at the top, which can be climbed with 294 steps. I decided to do this, not the best decision but I wanted to get some cool pictures of Boston from this vantage point. After Bunker Hill, we headed to Fenway to see the ballpark, then went to see the finish line, and then headed home. After we got back to the hotel, we relaxed for a bit and then head back downtown. I went back to the expo and Jen went to look at some stores. I went to the Expo because I wanted to get a massage stick since my legs were a bit sore. Climbing those steps was not the best idea it made my quads a bit sore and it tweaked my one calf that had been sore for the past couple weeks. Let us just say I was a bit concerned about how my legs would feel come race morning. So after Jen met me at the expo we headed back to the Hotel to get something to eat. After dinner, I went back to the hotel, relaxed, and iced my legs.

Sunday April 19th. This was a relaxing day. We slept in and then went to Copley Plaza fro lunch and Jen wanted to see some stores. As I was going through my stuff, I realized I forgot the cradle to my Garmin GPS watch so I could not charge it. I was like what am I going to do? I quickly jumped on Runners World Forums and posted a message. Within a few minutes, I got a response and I was able to borrow a cradle. (Thanks Jay) After that went back to the Hotel and then we relaxed then we to dinner at Fire and Ice. This place is great we ate there last year. You pick the food you want meat, pasta etc and then they cook it on this large circular grill in the middle of the restaurant you can added sauces if you like also. This place is good and lots of fun. We finished eating and the head back to the hotel. Relaxed and iced my legs and got all my race gear together. The big race was the next day.

Monday April 20th. RACE DAY. Got up at 5am and got ready. Got all my stuff and headed to the buses. I met my friend Tim around 6am at the Buses and we boarded a bus on our way to the start. It was only a 5-minute walk for me to the buses. The bus ride was about 40 minutes. I ate my cookies and cream cliff builder bar and had some water during the trip. When we got to athletes village Tim and I found a spot under one of the tents and setup shop. This year I was prepared I brought a disposal paint tarp and an emergency blanket. I was able to find Jay and give him his cradle back. I had a bagel, some banana, and my red bull. I also was drinking a bottle of Gatorade lemon-line endurance. I relaxed and waited to get ready. Around 8:30am I began to get ready I got my races shoes and socks on. I lathered my feet in Vaseline to prevent blisters and I placed some Ben-Gay patches that I purchased on my quads and left calf. Took my salt tablets and an Aleve. I got all my nutrition loaded up into my racing shorts and my bib #on my racing jersey, got all my stuff together, and headed to the bag drop area. Once I dropped my bag, I headed to the starting line. I used the porta potty along the way. It was about 9:50am when I entered my corral the National anthem was playing and the F-16 did there fly over. I was ready to go. I got out of my warm disposal clothes and left my throw away gloves and arm warmers. The gun went off and it was time to race. The beginning of this race is incredible you have to be able to control yourself here because you can get caught up in the moment. As I moved up in my coral towards the line I said I had to myself I have to run my own race. I controlled myself at the started and was not caught up in all the excitement. The first couple of miles of this race can make your break you. You have to be careful not to go out to fast and also be patient and realize that the crowd will thin out a bit. These first couples of miles are some ups and downs so you have to take these hills as they come. As I was running these first couple miles I saw my pace was around 7:00 min a mile so I knew I was not out to fast or to slow. Around mile 5 the race begins to get in a groove, the road is a bit wider and runners are in their own groove. As I was running 6 CSX locomotives were riding next to the road blasting the horns I thought this was cool. I continued to run making sure to get 2 cliff shots in every 4 miles, 2-3 salt tabs, and an Advil in every 45 minutes. The race continued good for the next several miles. I could hear the screeching at Wesley College around mile 12 and as I approached it, there they were all standing on the side of the road. This year I ran closer to the middle of the road so not to be sucked into the noise and cause my concentration to get shattered. As we exited the Wesley area, I knew I was almost halfway. At this point, two runners and I started to talk and they were trying for 3 hours. They stuck with me for a bit but they seemed to be struggling and I was running my own race either they could keep up or that was it for running with me. As I crossed the halfway mark I was averaging a 6:55 mile so I knew I was not on pace yet to break 3 hours. I went through at 1:31:05. After the half waypoint, I began to settle in even more. I knew I had to keep my pace around 6:55 in order to get to my goal. As the second half miles wind down you begin to get into the hills. As you come down the hill and make that right onto Commonwealth Ave this is beginning of the hills. As I turned, the corner I looked up saw the sign and I knew this was it. I took the hills hard. I began to make my way up each one keeping my pace on target. I was making good work of these hills finally, I hit Heartbreak Hill. They call it this because it is the last in a series of hills. I do not think this hill is that bad it is just that it is a decent climb at 20 miles into the marathon. I made it over Heartbreak Hill and I looked at my pace I was 6:55 per mile. I knew this was the time to make my goal. I felt good coming out of the hills. My legs were a sore but I just opened it up. I began to make my way down the back of the Newton hills. I was moving my pace began to drop as I clipped off miles. I got it down to 6:52 then around mile 24.5 I had it at 6:50. I knew I had to hold it here. As I entered Boston City Limits and made that right and into Kenmore square, I was feeling good. I crossed that 1 mile to go mark and I knew this was now or never. As I made that final turn onto Boylston and see that 26-mile mark, I knew I could break 3 hours. With .2 miles to go I hammered it home and crossed the finish line in a time of 2:59:26. I had broken 3 hours. What a race. Temp was about 45 when it started and when I arrived in Boston is was 48 degrees. Perfect weather.

I crossed the finish line and I realized I had done it. I walked and saw Jen and then got my chip removed got my medal and my heat shield and then walked got my gear bag and put warm clothes on. I met Jen and headed back to the hotel and then went and got some food. It was a great day. Headed home on Tuesday.

The volunteers were great and so were the crowds. I had so much fun running the race it was a great time and a great weekend. The weather was perfect. Just do not climb 294 steps if you do not have to.

I also have the world’s best cheerleader Jen

If I compare this year to last year I know the differences. Hydration. I was fully hydrated this race. I was grabbing Gatorade at one aid station and water the next. My GPS watch this helped me pace myself and run my own race. Also taking salt tablets was a bit help this kept me hydrated. Also if I look at my mileage compared to last year I ran more then a 100 miles more training and averaging at least 50 miles a week for the 13 main training weeks. 16 week total training and 3 week taper. I concluded that all the mileage pays off when you get into the latter part of the marathon.

Last years time 2008 3:07:31

This year 2009 2:59:26

Diff 8:05

First split 1:31:05

Second split 1:28:26

Diff 2:46 negative split

I will return next year.

Next up. New York Marathon Nov 1st 2009.

4315 Danko, Michael P. Jr. 30 M West Chester PA USA












Official Time









Update on Adidas

Back to my dealing with Adidas. I finally got my black Boston Marathon Hat. I have a white one to. I did not paid for either one. Because of all my troubles they sent me a black one for no charge and since they had already sent me a free white one I made out with 2 free hats. It is good to complain if there is a problem.

Boston Marathon Race Pictures

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back From B-Town

Race report will be written and posted this week. Here is a pic of me just after I finished.

Monday, April 20, 2009

[mikedbostonalert] AT&T Athlete Alert

Event Information:
Event: 113th Boston Marathon 2009
Runner: Michael Danko
Latest Results:
Location Time Pace/mile

All times are unofficial. Times may vary in post race official results.

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