Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not race related

So welcome to the world of Comcast. For all those who have comcast cable you can relate to my story. We have comcast everything (phone, Internet, TV) as a result you get caller id on the TV. Comcast states that it is only available on hd boxes ( not correct) Anyway we have a newer digital set on our TVs and this box gets caller id even know comcast says it does not. So what is my point?

Here is my rant. Couple weeks ago I got comcast to ship me a new digital box for free but it never came I then contacted them and after them admitting they were wrong I got the correct box shipped. So finally the box comes I hook it up and i call to activate it. Well when you call you are usually calling an out sourced location since a trained ape could do this job. Anyway the person answered and said there name was like lisa but they sounded like they were India. So they activated the box said wait 45 minutes and i should be all set well 45 minutes go by and guess what no luck. I call comcast I think it may have been somewhere in the U.S. and they say wait 24 hours. Fast forward to the next day I call and the guy who answers (American) says that it should have been 45 minutes not 24 hours so the one person was wrong. So the saga continues he orders a service call and states the box needs to be replaced. The tech comes and says that he does not have the correct box to replace the one I need so no luck. Finally I take the box myself and exchange it and hook the new one up and guess what. The box does not work. So I call comcast again and I get a normal person who was based in the U.S. and he finally figures out that the first person messed my account up and that is why the first box and now the second box did not work. He gets it to work and I think all is fine. Not to be so lucky a channel was still not working so I call comcast again (Jamaica this time) and then reset the box and still does not so I switch them and call them again and finally it works. So to sum this story up I had to contact comcast over 7 times ( 3 countries) just to get my cable box to work and you wonder why people want to switch to Fios. If you call and tell them you wanna switch you can get a better deal. Enjoy your turkey day.

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