Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hoilday Spirit

Here is a good holiday story. When I run, I usually run the same way or route but lately I have been mixing it up. So on my run a week back I noticed a store rewards card and a college id and that was about it. I ran this route a couple times and I still saw this stuff sitting there. So this past Monday I was running and I past the stuff again but this time I notice a wallet down the embankment so I stopped and looked through it. There was a driver license, a boat license and a social security card in it. I had no pockets so I grabbed this stuff and continued my run. When I got home, I got on facebook and I found the kid and told him I had his stuff and I told him I would mail it back to him. I felt bad that he could not come and get the rest of the stuff so later in the day I went back in my car and I gathered the wallet and all the stuff I could find scattered and I picked it all up. I then put it all in an envelope and mailed it back. I will let you know what the outcome is once he receives all his stuff. It is all about Karma.

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Anonymous said...

I love good deeds!