Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Aug 2009 Wrap up

Well I ran a bit over 400 miles for the month which is a record. I am over 2100 for the year.

Sept is going to be a busy month racing wise. I have two half's back to back so that will be fun. I am taking a few days off to rest this week. These days are off are not by choice but more out of caution. I bruised my hip running on Sunday. The course we run in VF park has this one gravel downhill that can be tricky and I think I stepped funny plus I was wearing a lighter then normal running shoe.

So I have been resting it and we will see how it feel by the end of the week. I rather rest now since I but a lot of base miles in over the summer. I also got a pair of inserts at a running store to add some support so we will see how that help. Enjoy this cool weather it is a taste of marathon season.

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