Sunday, July 27, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon Training Week #3

Well did a 21 mile run today. Nice to get some distance down. If anyone has Sirius radio then you can hear all about the political spectrum. Read more on his site for info, the link is on my page. If you have questions drop me a line. I have updated the weekly totals on the logs. I am keeping this post nice and short. Happy running.

55.02 6:42:22

% change
Week 1 50.67
Week 2 51.2 1%
Week 3 55.02 7%

Total 156.89

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marine Corps Week # 2

Miles Time

51.2 6:24:21

% change
Week 1 50.67
Week 2 51.2 1%

Did a 15 miler today in the heat. It was hott and humid but felt good to get out and do some distance.

Congrats to all those who competed in Ironman LP today.

Tour de France? What a shame all the doping.

What to Race For?

For those who may or may not read my blog and for those who do you know of most of my personal accomplishments when it comes to my endurance hobbies. I have always raced to have fun and enjoy it and challenge myself. My next major race is the Marine Corps Marathon and I have decided to use this race to promote something. If you have ever gone to any triathlon or marathon you will see team in training or racing for the cure or any other reason to race. These are all great causes so I have decided to race for :

I am not out to set any personal fund raising goals even if I do not raise a single penny my mere presence at this race with the my racing for recovery gear will be enough. If you read this blog and feel inspired then leave a comment with your email address and I will send you more information on how to donate. All money raised will be sent to Todd and his cause. Please tell your friends about this Blog so that they maybe inspired.

Enjoy your Day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon Week 1

Well, the official training has begun. I am following a modified schedule since my base for my training is already in place from Boston. I did a total of 50.67 miles.

I did a semi long run today (11 miles in the heat.) I broke 1100 miles for the year so far. I plan on doing a track workout this week to work on some speed.

I have added a Marine Corps Marathon training log link on my site this will help you see how much I am training per week.

I also have been watching some of the Tour De France. For some reason I cannot get much into it this year. I am still sour about what they did to Floyd Landis.

Speaking of biking this is what can happen when people fail to give Cyclist a break.

(from a group list I am on.)

Many of you probably know Kevin Brooker. For those that don't he is
one of the riders whose enthusiasm for cycling makes Philadelphia a
great place to ride. Last week while riding in Malvern Kevin was
forced to the side of the road by traffic and had to traverse a
manhole with a sunken cover. He went over the handle bars. The result
was a broken wrist, a torn Achilles tendon and a crush fracture of
his L1 vertebra. He was taken to Paoli Memorial, operated on and came
home on Saturday. He will spend 12 weeks in a wheelchair and then
commence his come back.

Enjoy your week.

Friday, July 04, 2008

June 2008 Summary

Well here is my Boston Marathon Certificate.

242.43 miles ran since Boston. 260 miles is about the number you want to be at to be ready for racing.

June 2008 Totals

Swim 1.12 Miles
Bike 0 Miles
Run 125.39 Miles

Here is the new look to begin my quest for a sub 3 hour marathon.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July

Well July is upon us and now the countdown is about to begin yet again for the Marine Corps Marathon. My Training officially starts on Monday July 7th but I have been getting some serious base miles in. I am all about recovered and ready to train from Boston. I will post my month and other totals later this weekend.

On a side note I wanted to mention a blog which is linked on my main page. This blog is a blog everyone should read. I read Todd's book over a year ago and let me tell you that it will move you and also it will make you realize that no matter what the odds are you can overcome them. You may not have a drug or alcohol addiction but still there is no " I can't" Many people now a days feel that addiction control their lives but it does not have to be that way. I talk to Todd via email and he appreciates all the support. I just wanted to mention this while it was fresh in my mind. Enjoy the holiday.

June 2008 wrap up is next. I also have a picture for everyone.