Sunday, December 28, 2008

2300 miles

I broke 2300 miles for the year. For the week I ran 42 miles. Friday I ran 13 mile with a buddy of mine at Valley Forge. It was nice to get out and run for an extended period of time and see how I felt. Overall, I felt good. I know that my base has helped me and now I need to begin my long runs and even some speed works. Boston is also hilly so I need to add some hill work.

Today it was 64 out. I was able to run in short and tee shirt so I decided to run 10 miles and enjoy the weather. Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Safe and Merry Christmas.

Sorry I did not write sooner. Did 41 miles last week. Foot is feeling better. My Boston 16 week training is supposed to begin on Monday but since it is the Holidays I am going to not stress the face that it maybe a 15 week plan. Most marathon plans are designed to build a base in the first 4-6 weeks. I already have a pretty string base so after the Holidays just have to begin the longer runs and increasing my weekly mileage.

Brrr. The past 2 days running have been cold. I have to break out the under armor tights and I only do that when it is really cold. If this is a preview of what is to come for the winter it is going to be a long winter training.

Next week as we approach the New Year I am going to post a wrap up of the year so stay tuned.

Enjoy your Christmas and be Merry :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well I have run 260 miles since the MCM. They say it is 10 miles per mile of recovery for a marathon so I round it to 260.

Foot is feeling better. The next 2 weeks the miles will be decreased due to the holidays and then the training for Boston begins.

This is what is wrong with stupid people

Read this.

Give me your opinion. I think these people are "white trash" and need to have there head examined. I know the media is making such a big deal of this story and I know these people are loving it. Here is an idea. Cut your hair and the kids hair buy a cook book and bake and write your own name on your own cake.

Sorry had to Vent. Hitler was an evil man and these people name their kids after him. Get Real.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree and Foot Pain

Well our tree is up and it looks so nice.

I was able to run 40 miles last week even though the weather was 60 one day, rain another and cold another. What you expect for weather in the northeast.

I am beginning to get this pain on the top of my right foot(this is why I hate new sneakers) I have done some research and this is the conclusion that I have come up with.

Pain on Top of Foot

Likely causes:
If your symptoms do not match those listed above for a metatarsal stress fracture, the pain is probably caused by either a bone spur or simply shoes that are too tight. A bone spur is an enlarged bone; you'll see it as a bump on top of the foot. The bone has probably grown as a result of pressure being applied to it.

Try wearing larger shoes and don't tie your shoe laces quite so tight. (Remember when buying shoes that your feet swell when you run, especially over long distances). In the case of a bone spur, try taking some of the pressure off of the bone. Cut a piece of foam rubber (about 1/4" thick) to make a doughnut-shaped pad that fits over the bone spur. Either put it on before running or glue it to the tongue of your running shoe.

(taken from cool

I had originally switched out the original laces in the shoes and now I have switched back to the original laces and we will see how they feel. It is strange how different laces can act differently in shoes that they did not come on. I use quick laces when I race and the are fine but it usually after i have broken the shoes in. So we shall see how they feel once I break these shoes in maybe I will switch them back. I will keep everyone updated on the foot.

Since I did not post this on Sunday and I ran today I can give an update. It seems that is was the laces. I was able to run without any real pain just some soreness so we shall see. It was nice to run in shorts in the middle of December.

Enjoy your week. Go NOVA, GO Eagles.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brians Run Award

This is my award for Second Place in my Age Group.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brian's Run and 2200 miles

Well its a about a week since I placed something up on my blog. I know I have been slacking. I notice alot of the blogs I read are lacking with posts maybe it is the holidays.

Here is a wrap up of a few things. Brian's Run was a nice 10k. I found out today I got second in my age group I have to pick up my award on Thurs. I will post and let you know what I received. Back to the race. It was very cold even with a 1pm start time. I ran this race last year and I forget how hilly it can be. There are a couple of decent climbs and some small ups and downs. I have run part of this course is my general training so I am somewhat familiar with the course.

My time this year 38:25 (6:11) pace 2nd in age group/35 overall

Last year 38:50 5th in age group and 40th overall.

I have updated my race results page so you can see all my results.

As for the 2200. I broke 2200 miles running this year. That is quite a feat. Well stay warm and enjoy the holidays.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lance and Christmas Lights

Well its official


Lance Armstrong confirms he'll ride in the Tour de France

This will make the tour worth watching come this summer.

On to more important news. My time for the race Saturday was 18:19 not 18:18 one second different.

As Christmas nears I like running in the late afternoon it is neat to see all the Christmas displays on all the houses lit up. I even seen some people putting them up. I just hope no one falls off the roof as I run by. Speaking of decorations I put up our lights out front I will post a picture once I take one.

This Sunday is Brian's run and its going to be cold. Its a 10k in West Chester, always a nice race.

Enjoy the week.

Devon Results

Congrats again to Todd. Good Luck in IM AUS this Sunday