Sunday, July 26, 2009

Raptor Run

Did a 10 mile( 9.7 miles according to the GPS) trail race today. I ended up with a second place overall finish. I got a framed picture of American Bald Eagle. This is a cool award beats another medal. As for the race itself it was a cool race. It was not your ordinary trail run. This had everything rocks, stumps, roots, mud, down trees and everything else you could image. I would say this would be a hard course to ride on a mountain bike. There were some good climbs and some good downhills. I was muddy and sweaty when I was done. I think I am going to add some more trails races to my schedule to go along with my marathons. As you can see above I have a course map and an elevation chart.

I post my NYC week #2 tomorrow. Stay cool and keep training.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NYC Training Week #1

Well one week down. I ended up with 80 miles for the week. My long run was a 17 miler which was nice.

I have added my training log to the blog make sure you check it out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

16 weeks

Well today is 16 weeks until the NYC Marathon on Nov. 1st. So the training officially begins.

I ended up running 71 miles last week. No real long run just a bunch of medium runs each day.

I did a nice 11 miles today and I broke 1500 for the year.

I am floating the idea of running the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 22nd. It is 3 weeks after NYC and I think it be fun to run it again since this was my first ever marathon and also since it is so close to home. We will see I have another month to make my decision. Enjoy the nice weather and keep training.

Congrats to Todd on his Ironman Switzerland 2009 finish.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Run for a good cause

For all those who read my blog and are running the NYC half-Marathon on Aug 16, 2009 here is a good cause to run for.

I myself am not running the half but I am running the full in Nov. I had people to ask to get the word out about The Fresh Air Fund.

Check out their site seems like a good cause to run for.

Enjoy your week.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Long time since a good post

Media 5 miler Finish

Well things have been a bit crazy and now I have to time to get everyone up to date.

June was a good month training and racing. I did 240 miles for the month and 3 races. Two 5ks and a 5 miler.

I broke 1400 mile for the year. I am about 175 miles over where I was this point last year. July 12th is the official date for the 16 week training to begin for the NYC Marathon. I have been keeping my base over 50 miles for the past few weeks so the transition to training mode should not be that difficult. It will be good to begin training and even get some speed work in.

Happy belated July 4th. Speaking of July 4th I did a 15k yesterday in Downingtown, PA. This race is in it 31st year. They have a 5k, 10, 15k and 5k walk. It was nice race 3 loops for the 15k. I ended winning the 15k in a time 55:40 (clock time) I posted my splits below. It was hard to tell who was winning or even racing the 15k until the 3rd loop. I saw a guy ahead of me and I knew that was leader. I stayed on him and noticed him begin to fade. As we hit a small hill I made my move and passed him. I ended up catching the police who were out to ride with the leader. They realized that I was in front and then took off. I hammered the last mile out and won by over 40 seconds. It was a good race. A lesson to be learned from this race is that it is not over til the end. I wanted to win so I was going to catch this guy or make him try to the end to keep me in second. As you can see the first one prevailed. Here are my splits.

              15K LAP SPLITS

Place Bib# Name Gen Age Chiptime
===== ===== ======================= === === =======
1 140 Michael Danko M 30 55:38

1: 18:38 18:38
2: 18:49 37:27
3: 18:12 55:38

Enjoy your week. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Smooth Criminal

RIP Michael Jackson.

I have been crazy busy so therefore lack of posts. I will catch everyone up on what has been going on this week. Enjoy the Holiday. Now Just Beat It, whooo