Monday, August 09, 2010

Derek “Rudy” Valentino

This is a follow up to the story that I wrote about back in June 2010 about the gentleman who passed away during the Sprint Distance Philadelphia Triathlon. I received an answer today about what was the nature of his death.

"Derek's death was ruled an accidental drowning"

This post is not intended to dwell on what occurred but rather shed some light on what is being done to share the life that Derek lived. I did not know Derek and until I read the story I had no idea who he was. I just felt that is was necessary to find out what really happened. I personally love to race whether it be a triathlon or a marathon or even a 5k and when I was starting out I asked alot of people for help and advice and now people come to be for questions and advice and I try to help them as best as I can. With Derek I felt that he was someone trying to do something to make his family and friends proud but had a tragic end so I feel that it is necessary to help spread the word and give my quote "advice" or on this case the information I was sent. I was contacted by someone who is helping raise money for Derek's children and they asked me to help spread the word. I have added a link to my blog that will link you to all the info you need and I also will post a copy of the flyers that were sent to me.

Philadelphia Marathon Training

Well the official training has begun. I do not like to use the word official because the fall is full of several races all leading up to the marathon and I run all year so it is more like a ramp up in mileage for several weeks and the a taper and then a race so I guess you can call it training. I have few races planned for the fall. Tomorrow night is the last 5k of the summer series. I did 7 so far and tomorrow is number 8. I ran 18:37 last week best time this year on that course. We will see what this week has in store.

Last week I ran 85 miles. This is the most I have ran in one week this year. I do not plan on averaging 85 miles a week. I ran this much to see how my body would feel so that I can judge my weeks. My back issues come and go and I just have to mange them. I am stretching more and doing more core work it adds to the workout time but it helps. Overall I feel pretty good and I am going to do my long run based on how I feel. I hope to get a 20 miler in withing 2-3 weeks. Well enjoy your training and keep cool. Summer is still going strong but the cool days to train are soon to be here.

enjoy the week.

New Vs. Old

Same shoes one new pair and one new pair....see the difference.

Monday, August 02, 2010

July 2010 wrap-up.

Well July 2010 is in the books. I ended up running 231 miles for the month. This is a pretty good number since the injury and was a solid month of training. The last three weeks of July I ran 53, 57 and 68 miles. Now that we are into August marathon training officially begins. I am signed up to run Philly again this fall.

As for the series of 5ks I have been running there are two left. The last three I have run 19:22, 19:01 and 19:03. This is a tough course but I enjoy running it and all the runners are good which makes for a great racing environment.

Well enjoy the summer. Hopefully the heat will not be as bad as it was in July but August always seems to be a brutal month.

Will post results from the Westtown 5k series and I also post a course map on here.