Sunday, September 20, 2009

Philly Distance Run

Great race today. I set a new PR my previous PR was 1:21:22 so as you can see I almost broke 84 seconds.

This was my first time running this race and since the leg injury I was not sure how my leg would respond. It was about 52 degrees when the race started but it quickly warmed up since the sun was out and it is still summer. The first few miles were nice since we were running through downtown Philadelphia. This can be somewhat difficult since the roads are not the best. As you leave center city you run along west river drive. This can be lonely since there is no real crowds support and the bands that play are only getting started. Once you make it to the falls bridge you cross and head down Kelly drive. This is still lonely but there are more people here. As you approach the 12 mile mark you are nearing the end and coming back toward the start finish. The last mile is nice and the finish area was well setup. Overall, I did enjoy this race.

I must say people who race with HR monitors need to set them so they do not beep every 2 seconds because during a race they will since you are most likely in a higher range so its gonna beat just turn it off and second people who stomp when they race. I am not at the circus so please keep the sound effects to yourself.

So I will see how the leg feels tomorrow I plan on keeping the exercises and stretching going this week and see how my mileage comes along. I have 6 weeks til NYC and today was a good test to see where I stand with my training. Congrats to all those who ran today.


DistanceHALF MAR
Clock Time1:20:00
Chip Time1:19:58
Overall Place172 / 12247
Gender Place155 / 5853
Division Place27 / 912
Age Grade74.1%
5 Km18:40
10 Km37:30
10 Mi1:00:56

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