Sunday, August 09, 2009


Well week 4 is in the books.

I ended up with 101 miles for the week. This is the most I have ever run in one week. This is a feat I must say. I have always wanted to run 100 miles in a week but for some reason this past week I chose to do it.

So how did this happen? I ran my usually volume of miles through Wednesday. Then on Thursday and Friday I did two runs. One in the morning and one in the eve. I was around 78 miles by Saturday and that is when I did my 22 mile long run. So as you can see it takes some times and some two a day runs. Even though I had 78 miles going into my long run Sat we ended up running 22 miles at about a 6:50 pace. That is a good run at just about marathon pace. So overall is was a good week of training. I am over the 1800 mile mark for the year.

Enjoy your week.

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