Friday, April 10, 2009

Customer Service and Adidas 4-0

This is a funny yet on going saga with Adidas.

OK I ordered a Boston Marathon Hat so that I would have it for when I went to Boston. I ordered in the Adidas website. The hat was blue looked nice on line but when it came you could barely read the logo on the front so I sent it back. I send it back and order a white one. The white one comes and it is a women's hat. So I call Adidas they credit me for the shipping and send me a UPS label to return it. Adidas count 2 if you are keeping score. So now after this I order a Black cap and they pay for the shipping. The hat comes you guessed it white. Adidas count 3. I call them they issue shipping credit and a return label and now they send me a black hat for free. It arrives this morning can you guess? White. The wrong hat again. So now the score is Adidas 4 me ZERO. Most people would give up here but I called them and now they are trying to figure what is going on. I have returned all the previous hats so I am not paying for an of them but I find it amazing that they are having so much difficulty. Their website is finally correct so we shall see. I will keep you posted. The moral of this story is that you will win eventually and maybe get something free. I no longer care about the hat it is more of the principal of them getting the order correct. Stay tuned.

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