Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lance and Christmas Lights

Well its official


Lance Armstrong confirms he'll ride in the Tour de France

This will make the tour worth watching come this summer.

On to more important news. My time for the race Saturday was 18:19 not 18:18 one second different.

As Christmas nears I like running in the late afternoon it is neat to see all the Christmas displays on all the houses lit up. I even seen some people putting them up. I just hope no one falls off the roof as I run by. Speaking of decorations I put up our lights out front I will post a picture once I take one.

This Sunday is Brian's run and its going to be cold. Its a 10k in West Chester, always a nice race.

Enjoy the week.

Devon Results

Congrats again to Todd. Good Luck in IM AUS this Sunday

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