Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree and Foot Pain

Well our tree is up and it looks so nice.

I was able to run 40 miles last week even though the weather was 60 one day, rain another and cold another. What you expect for weather in the northeast.

I am beginning to get this pain on the top of my right foot(this is why I hate new sneakers) I have done some research and this is the conclusion that I have come up with.

Pain on Top of Foot

Likely causes:
If your symptoms do not match those listed above for a metatarsal stress fracture, the pain is probably caused by either a bone spur or simply shoes that are too tight. A bone spur is an enlarged bone; you'll see it as a bump on top of the foot. The bone has probably grown as a result of pressure being applied to it.

Try wearing larger shoes and don't tie your shoe laces quite so tight. (Remember when buying shoes that your feet swell when you run, especially over long distances). In the case of a bone spur, try taking some of the pressure off of the bone. Cut a piece of foam rubber (about 1/4" thick) to make a doughnut-shaped pad that fits over the bone spur. Either put it on before running or glue it to the tongue of your running shoe.

(taken from cool

I had originally switched out the original laces in the shoes and now I have switched back to the original laces and we will see how they feel. It is strange how different laces can act differently in shoes that they did not come on. I use quick laces when I race and the are fine but it usually after i have broken the shoes in. So we shall see how they feel once I break these shoes in maybe I will switch them back. I will keep everyone updated on the foot.

Since I did not post this on Sunday and I ran today I can give an update. It seems that is was the laces. I was able to run without any real pain just some soreness so we shall see. It was nice to run in shorts in the middle of December.

Enjoy your week. Go NOVA, GO Eagles.

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