Monday, May 31, 2010


Well I am back on the road again. Running that is not traveling. I ran for the first time in 34 days last Monday. I ran for about 30 minutes. I was so sore the next day. Not running for 30 days does make a difference. My endurance is still there but my legs are not at fill speed. I ended up logging 18 miles for the week. I am beginning to feel better. I am alternating my running days and the days I do not run I am swimming which is nice break.

I ran today and logged 6 miles in a new pair of NIKE 5.o Free. I definitely felt the difference when running with these. I will incorporate them into my runs. It will take time to get back to full speed. I am glad I did take the month off and get
better. As I said I do have some soreness but that is to be expected since I am just beginning to run again.

So what is on tap for the summer?

Well I am going to do the Chester County Running Store summer series. It is a series of 8 cross county races at the Westtown School spread out throughout the summer. This will allow me to race and also work on speed.

Also I am doing the Baltimore 10 miler which in on June 19th in Baltimore MD. This race is capped at 4000 so it should be a nice race without a large crowd.

But one of the most important races is Running for Cover on June 27th. Click on this link or go here

you want to join team ELBO. Any questions let me know. Also if you beat me I will buy you a beer. This is a fun event and it will give you an excuse to race. Well I will keep the blog more update as my running begins to take shape. Stay cool, hydrate and wear sunscreen.

And remember why today it called memorial day.

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