Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am back........

A bunch of much needed updates since my last post.


Well the running is going well. It is taking some time but I am getting back into form. I am averaging about 20 miles a week and will probably get close to a 100 for the month. I consider this all progress since the amount of time I was not running due to injury. Speaking of my injury it is getting better the pain comes and goes depending on the day. There is some tightness in my hamstrings and Piriformis muscle. So I am stretching regularly and doing my core work also. I did have one set of shoes I was running in but I decided that I needed a different pair since I think the shoes are causing some of my issues to get aggravated. I think before when I was hurt my right side was over compensating for my left so I did not notice any issues with my shoes but now since my body is working normal on both sides I notice small changes especially if the shoes are not correct. Also I decided to take a break from the Nike Frees. They were bothering my feet too much and I was not used to running in them and I did not want to risk injury. I think they will be good to use for track workouts. So that is a summary of how the rebuild/recovery is going.


Well I did my first race since Boston on June 19th. It was a 10 miler in Baltimore. I ran 1:06:28 and I was happy with my time. This was my first time running this race and the course was tough. I will definitely want to run this race next year. I also began running the West Chester Summer Series last Tuesday. It is a series of 8 races all cross country. It is a 5k race. I ran 19:53 last Tuesday. I hope to improve on that time tonight. Also this past Sunday I did the running for cover 5k in south Philly. I ran this race last year and had fun. I ran the 5k in 18:53 this year. I was 4th overall and was happy with my time. I have an 8k this Friday and a 5k next Monday July 5th. After that I have no real races scheduled until the fall so I probably will be doing a lot of training and slowly getting my miles and speed back.

In other news….

I have been sponsored by team marathon bar. I have included a link to the site here where you can look around and check out the profiles of all the athletes. I am responsible for promoting their product and giving out free samples. They provide me with racing gear and product. If you want more info or some product please contact me. This is a good program and I looking forward to promoting their product and before you ask the bars are good and I like the taste and they do give me energy.

I will post more this week. I wanted to give an update of what has occurred since my last post. Enjoy the week and keep cool in this heat.

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