Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kevin Smith vs Southwest

So not sure who's aware of this but Kevin Smith the director of clerks was thrown off a Southwest Flight for being too fat. Southwest has had a policy in place for over 25 years that people who are too big for one seat need to purchase two seats. This is not only for comfort but also for safety. In this instance Kevin was flying stand by and the flight was full so he only got one seat and he was too large for the seat so they asked him to please get off the plane. He immediately threw a fit and made a huge deal. I understand where he was annoyed but safety comes first when flying.
Fast forward to last night. I was watching Nightline on ABC and they do a story about this. I am not going to tell the whole story but you can watch the video and read the story here. After you read or watch the video you will see where I draw my opinions from. I am someone who believes in fitness and leading a healthy life and for people who are overweight I understand your situation but they must realize that because of their situation they may be subjected to some restrictions because of safety issues. People who are overweight cannot complain about being thrown off a plane for safety reasons and then scream that they were harassed because of their weight. They do not get a separate set of standard because of their weight. These people need to realize that all choices have consequences. I just want people to realize that organizations like The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance take things to a whole new level when they makes statements "that fat people are hear to stay." Well shall see what happens next. I doubt this is last your will hear about the organization or this incident but in my opinion I think that overweight people may need to start living a healthier life.
Please feel free to express your opinions but those who know me know how I feel about fitness and how people need to exercise.
Enjoy your week.

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