Tuesday, February 16, 2010


23 miles in one run? Are you crazy? Yes to both questions and that was my total running miles for yesterday. I had off and I decided to a long run on a Monday since I had the time and I needed to get a long run in. So people ask how and where do you run 23 miles in one shot. Well this winter has been crappy running weather and all the places where I normally do my long runs are mostly snow covered. In addition the two guys I train with are off their normal training schedules so I left to do my long runs by myself.
How to run 23 miles. Well if the weather was nice I would venture out my house with some cash and run a far out and back but because of the roads and the weather I modified my plan. It is actually quiet simple to get a large amount of miles in and test your mentality at the same time. On my run on Sunday I calculated a 5-6 mile loop. So come Monday I decided i do this loop 4 times and that would give me 20 miles. I started out did one loop come back grab some water (i keep in the snow along with Gatorade and cliff blocks) then head back out again. Repeat this four times and there is your 20 mile. How I got to 23 is that I added on some miles at the end of my last loop. So when people ask how I run 23 miles there is my answer. I think it tests your mind more then your body especially when you see the same people clearing a driveway of snow 8 times. Happy Running.

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