Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boston Training Week #4 and NYC Half Marathon






136 134 35 1:25:57 6:33 1:25:57

Distance: 13.1 Miles, 21.1 Kilometers
Date/Time: Jan. 25, 2009, 8:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 14 deg., 52% humidity, wind 6 mph

Well this race was a nice half marathon. Two loops through Central Park. It was Marco, Kevin and myself. We left around 5am arrived in NYC around 6:50am. We picked up our race numbers on 89st parked the car and we jogged to the start. We only had about 20 mins to spare once we got there. We checked our bags and headed to the start. I was seated in a slower wave because the time estimate I gave them was not correct. The race began and I was weaving in and out of people until mile 3 and then I finally got into a rhythm and race my race. There was once tough climb around mile 5 and mile 10 but all I do is run on hills so this was nothing out of the ordinary. The first lap was nice since once I got into my zone I was running with people and there was room to run. After the second lap around mile 10 things began to get a but crowded you had people still on lap one who were walking on the inside of the course so had to weave in and out. As we got closer to the finish it was even more crowded. I actually bumped into a larger size women who yelled. I ignored her and took off towards the finish. Overall this was a well organized race and just the right amount of people. It was nice to get a race in early in my Boston Training. It was also my first race in the 30-34 age group. All my results are listed at the top of this page.

Here are my weekly totals for Boston. I used the race today as my long run for my week.

Miles Time

55.06 6:56:59

% change
Week 1 55.13
Week 2 57.61 4%
Week 3 58.23 1%
Week 4 55.06 -6%

Total 226.03


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Congrats Mike!

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Great race