Sunday, September 07, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon Training Week #9

Well I got my BIB # for the Marathon and I am number 6184. For all those who want to know about the course click here. This is a PDF of the course. Well I did a nice 14 miles today. I have one 20 miler left and then I will be begin my taper. I also broke 1600 mile for the year running. I am ready for this race even though it is a over a month away. I will post all my totals. enjoy your week.

Miles Time

73.1 8:55:56

% change
Week 1 50.67
Week 2 51.2 1%
Week 3 55.02 7%
Week 4 60.56 9%
Week 5 62.25 3%
Week 6 81.07 23%
Week 7 45.25 -79%
Week 8 68.95 34%
Week 9 73.1 6%

Total 548.07


Anonymous said...

Good running...keep up the pace...6184? I guess I'll have to play that number..Love,Mom

Me said...

Thanks for your comment Mike. That means a lot. Maybe we can all get together for a ride sometime. After looking at your mileage and Frank's, I'm not sure I could keep up on a run right now but a ride would work.