Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marine Coprs Marathon Training Week 5

Well another week down. Did a soaking 15 miler today. Not fun to run in the rain. Well I broke 1300 miles running for the year this week. To give you an idea of how far 1300 miles is. If you were to draw a straight line from Philadelphia to Dallas, TX the line would be 1300 miles long. That gives you an idea of how far I have ran so far this year. I will post weekly and monthly totals. Hope all is well with everyone. Enjoy your week and the Olympics.

Miles Time

62.25 7:24:52

% change
Week 1 50.67
Week 2 51.2 1%
Week 3 55.02 7%
Week 4 60.56 9%
Week 5 62.25 3%

Total 279.7

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Anonymous said...

did you have an umbrella, or did you run in a wet suit???