Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July

Well July is upon us and now the countdown is about to begin yet again for the Marine Corps Marathon. My Training officially starts on Monday July 7th but I have been getting some serious base miles in. I am all about recovered and ready to train from Boston. I will post my month and other totals later this weekend.

On a side note I wanted to mention a blog which is linked on my main page. This blog is a blog everyone should read. I read Todd's book over a year ago and let me tell you that it will move you and also it will make you realize that no matter what the odds are you can overcome them. You may not have a drug or alcohol addiction but still there is no " I can't" Many people now a days feel that addiction control their lives but it does not have to be that way. I talk to Todd via email and he appreciates all the support. I just wanted to mention this while it was fresh in my mind. Enjoy the holiday.

June 2008 wrap up is next. I also have a picture for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Michael,,is the Blog"racing for recovery?" Keep up the positive thoughts......good things will

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