Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon Week 1

Well, the official training has begun. I am following a modified schedule since my base for my training is already in place from Boston. I did a total of 50.67 miles.

I did a semi long run today (11 miles in the heat.) I broke 1100 miles for the year so far. I plan on doing a track workout this week to work on some speed.

I have added a Marine Corps Marathon training log link on my site this will help you see how much I am training per week.

I also have been watching some of the Tour De France. For some reason I cannot get much into it this year. I am still sour about what they did to Floyd Landis.

Speaking of biking this is what can happen when people fail to give Cyclist a break.

(from a group list I am on.)

Many of you probably know Kevin Brooker. For those that don't he is
one of the riders whose enthusiasm for cycling makes Philadelphia a
great place to ride. Last week while riding in Malvern Kevin was
forced to the side of the road by traffic and had to traverse a
manhole with a sunken cover. He went over the handle bars. The result
was a broken wrist, a torn Achilles tendon and a crush fracture of
his L1 vertebra. He was taken to Paoli Memorial, operated on and came
home on Saturday. He will spend 12 weeks in a wheelchair and then
commence his come back.

Enjoy your week.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Kevin..reason to be extra careful