Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding and Honeymoon

Well things are beginning to return to normal.

The Wedding was incredible. Jennifer looked amazing and we both had a great time. Big thanks to all those who helped, attended and were part of our big day.

The honeymoon was also very enjoyable we went to Ocho Rios in Jamaica. We stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grand. This was a very nice place. We just laid around for 2 days and enjoyed the beach and the water it was very peaceful. The food was awsome and so was the quite time. We did venture off the resort to do some shopping and also see Dunn's Rivers Falls. Jamaica is a very unique country in that their main business is tourism. That is why people ask you to buy something or tip them for telling you the time even though they are not wearing a watch. I did enjoy driving on the left side of the road. Overall the trip was worth it. There are pics of the honeymoon and of the wedding in previous postings and when I get some from Dunn's River I will post them. Well enjoy YA MAN!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. I must agree the wedding day was wonderful...