Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The road to Boston continues

Well..the saga of the leg continues. I had some physical therapy last Thursday and that seems to be helping but still no running on the roads. Well if I can't run on the roads then it time to run in the water. I have heard of water running and know a few people who have done it but was not too sure about it. Well after joining a health club last week I am sold. Water running is great. You basically wear a belt that keeps you up right and you run as if you were on land. The good thing is that there is resistance the whole time so it helps you get stronger and maintain fitness. I be alternating between 45-60 minutes each day. I will continue to do this even when I get back on the road.
Now back to the leg issue. I saw a spine doctor yesterday and he said running will not cause anymore harm which is good but he also wanted to address the pain issue. I was giving a lumbar epidural injection. Basically it is a needle right into the spine and the shot giving is cortisone for the inflammation. It takes a few days to work so we shall see. He told me to try running Saturday so we shall see. He said Boston should not be an issue as long as the nerve has calmed down and there are no other issues.
Speaking of running. I had to bag this weekends CR half marathon in Delaware. This is a fun race and hope to run it next year.
I will keep updated on my status.
I trained in the snowiest winter off all time in Philadelphia I will be on that line on April19, 2010 at 10am with 26.2 miles to get me back to Boston. I am going to run it with no goals just run and see what happens.

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JimmyV said...

Wow! Talk about dedication. I had my knee give out when we were moving into our new place, but it got back in shape in two days with no residual pain.