Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boston t-minus 3 weeks

So what has been going on in my trek to run the 2010 Boston Marathon. Well on a positive note I have been able to run again the pain has pretty much disappeared in my leg while I am running. There is still some pain but nothing that is limiting my running. It has only been about 3 weeks since my injury was diagnosed. I have been doing PT very aggressively which has helped a lot. I am also stretching and doing core each day. The pool running also has helped a lot. I see the Doc next Tuesday.

As for the running I am not putting a lot of miles in right now because with Boston so close I want to race not only healthy but well rested. It is funny when I run there is no pain. I think I have not felt like this in months so it is weird because I am waiting for the pain to return any second. People ask me why attempt to run Boston if you think you will get hurt. I am going to run Boston because first off it is Boston. People try to run this race their whole lives and never get to do it and I am going for my third one in a row. Secondly the Doc said it was ok to run. Think back to when T.O. played for the Eagles and broke his ankle at the end of the season and came back 4 weeks later and played in the Super bowl well it is kind of like that. Boston is the Super bowl of all Marathons.

So what are my goals for Boston this year? I have set no goals. I am going up and going to just run and see what happens. I am going to enjoy the weekend and have fun at the race. No matter what arises I am going to enjoy the Marathon and have fun. After this winter with all the snow and rain I am determined to run and have fun. If my injury had occurred back in Jan then maybe I would have deferred but not this close to the race.

Now with less than 3 weeks to go I am beginning to taper. I am going to run but still rest I want to be rested when I run this race.

I will update all my excel sheets when I get them organized. I wanted to keep people in the loop to what is going on as Boston approaches. I will keep the updates more frequent. Enjoy the warm weather and longer days.

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