Monday, March 01, 2010

Boston Week 9

Well ended up with another decent week in mileage. 77 miles to be exact.

For the month I ran 288 miles. 288 was 2 more miles then my any month during my Boston Training last year. Last year March was 286.

As for March I would like to stay around 250-280 but we will see. I am taking a few days off. My left leg once again is beginning to flare up. I think it is my sciatica but I am not 100% sure. The pain was manageable but now it is getting to the point where I have to change my stride to compensate for the pain. I want to get this issue resolved since I only have 7 weeks til Boston. I am hoping a shot will get the inflammation to calm down and allow me to strengthen the muscles that are causing the issue while allowing me to still run. I have an appointment on Thursday so no running till then. Plus I am looking forward to a little break. My legs need a rest.

Enjoy the week. I will update on the leg later this week.

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