Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 year in review.

2009 Races

17 Total

(1)10Mi Run

(1)15K Run

(1)18Mi Run

(5) 5K Run

(2) 5Mi Run

(4) Half Marathon

(3) Marathon

(1) 10Mi Trail Run

As you can, all the races are I ran for 2009 are listed above and broken down by category. I was supposed to run a 5k on new years eve but it was canceled due to the snow so that was one less race. For the year, I ended up with 2771 miles running and about 8 miles biking. I did not do much cross training this year as you can see reflected in my totals. 2771 miles is about the same distance in miles running from my house to Sacramento, CA.

I have updated all my totals in all excel sheets listed on my blog and I have even created a link to my 2009 running log. Make sure you check it out. I will be posted soon about what the 2010-year has in store.

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