Monday, August 09, 2010

Philadelphia Marathon Training

Well the official training has begun. I do not like to use the word official because the fall is full of several races all leading up to the marathon and I run all year so it is more like a ramp up in mileage for several weeks and the a taper and then a race so I guess you can call it training. I have few races planned for the fall. Tomorrow night is the last 5k of the summer series. I did 7 so far and tomorrow is number 8. I ran 18:37 last week best time this year on that course. We will see what this week has in store.

Last week I ran 85 miles. This is the most I have ran in one week this year. I do not plan on averaging 85 miles a week. I ran this much to see how my body would feel so that I can judge my weeks. My back issues come and go and I just have to mange them. I am stretching more and doing more core work it adds to the workout time but it helps. Overall I feel pretty good and I am going to do my long run based on how I feel. I hope to get a 20 miler in withing 2-3 weeks. Well enjoy your training and keep cool. Summer is still going strong but the cool days to train are soon to be here.

enjoy the week.

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