Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Negative Nelly....I love Anonymous comments

"No one cares if you will do this run next year or not Negative Nelly. This was something fun for the participants and local folks, not someone who wants to compete in this type of thing all the time. Good luck in whatever ELSE you do in the future."

so this is a comment that was left about the firecracker 5k. I chose not to publish it rather make it a topic of a blog post.

First off.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog I am glad you stopped by and visited.


This is my Blog. I can write whatever I chose and I can write my own opinions so that is why I have a blog and that is why it is called blogging.


If you are going to leave a negative comment please leave a name so I can address your concerns


With the race I understand you point but without serious runner this race will fail. Races need the support of serious runners to help spread the word and make races popular and keep them from folding. Also when the advertise awards for age groups then they need to stick with that. I know it was the first year but a race needs to build its popularity so it can survive from year to year.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep cool in this heat.

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