Tuesday, April 13, 2010

less then one week

Well believe it or not Boston is less then one week away. The weather picture is looking good. Saturday may rain but Sunday looks good and Monday looks even better. I think it maybe cool at the start and then warm up near mid day. Almost how the weather was last year. I would much rather take cool weather then this hot stuff we have been having. I am not used to running it so my body sweat more in the heat so the cooler the better.

As for my back. I saw the Doc and he gave me another shot. Back is stiff but I feel better. I prob get in the pool tonight to loosen up and then run on Thursday. Then its time to hit the tea party.

People ask me if I can finish or still run the race since I have been injured? The answer two those questions are Yes. I have run a marathon on less training and as for being injured I would not be running if there was pain or the doctor advised against it. As I said before I am setting no goals for this race. No matter what happens there will be no regrets for running this race. I trained hard all winter and have been looking for to this race all year. It also helps having a good support crew (my wife) when you race. All factors go into racing well so just have to make sure I eat well and I am hydrated and we are good to go. Remember the 26.2 miles is the easy part.

Make sure you follow me bib # 2719 or join my yahoo group to get updates.

Enjoy the rest of the taper.

For all those people who born in late 70s and early 80s I take quote from a great movie growing up.

"lets walk this sucker" and do not take walk literally if you have seen this movie you will know the basis of this quote.

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