Monday, March 07, 2011

Guess who's back

Well I am back to the gym and beginning to get back into a groove. No running yet just swimming and some weights. Just like the House of Pain song “guess who’s back” and LL cool j from Mama said knock you out. “Don’t call it a comeback” I want to thank all those who helped me during my time off my feet. Especially my wife and my mom for driving me around and also a big shout out to Optimum Physical Therapy in West Chester for getting me back on my feet. Check out their web page here and if you need rehab please give them a call. So I am going to take sometime and get back into shape and when I can run I will begin running. As for racing I have no plans going to take my time and get back into shape and race when I am ready. Sorry for the lack of posts but that was because nothing was happening and I was healing. I will keep everyone updated as I get better and back into shape. Enjoy the last few weeks of winter because I am ready for spring.

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