Wednesday, January 05, 2011


So how did I break my leg?

Well I went for a run just like I normally do. It was snowing a bit but that has never stopped me from running. I run in all weather. So I was taking my normal route. As I was running I began to notice some water run off that had frozen. So I went around it I was on more ice that I could not see and that was it. I tried to stop to get off the ice and the next thing I knew my right leg was behind me I heard a snap and pop and I fell. I knew I was hurt and when I looked my right foot was 90 degrees to the right. So I reached down and turned it back straight so I could move. I knew I could not stand up and my ankle was full off blood and swollen so I began to drag myself onto someones lawn as I was crawling on this lawn and guy came out who happened to be an athletic trainer. At first he did not think I was hurt then I told him I needed help. He came over and checked me out. At the same time the other person home got the car and they both helped me into their car. They drove me home to grab my phone and keys and then continued to the ER. The ride took forever since there was all kinds of traffic and finally we got to the ER and it took only 25 min. I was in all kinds of pain. Once I was admitted they gave me meds for the pain and put my ankle back in place and then they told me I would have surgery in the morning. The surgery went well and now I am on the mend :)

now you know the story

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Unknown said...

It's great to hear about the kindness of strangers. Not so great that you had to break your leg for the story :-(