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Here is my race report. I little late but better then never. This was an accomplishment that I now earned the respect as an Ironman Triathlete. I now have to find a new challenge.

Entry by:
US magik611

Ironman Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
World Triathlon Corporation
85F / 29C

Triathlon - Full Ironman
Total Time = 10h 57m 42s
Overall Rank = 131/1560
Age Group = 25-29
Age Group Rank = 21/102

Pre-race routine:

My fiancee and I drove 10 hours from West Chester PA (640 miles) on wed. We arrived around 5pm. We checked into the hotel and then got some food.

Woke up on thurs morning. I did a 15 minute run I wanted to check out the transition area and such, it was hot. After that got some breakfast at the hotel which was free and awesome. We checked out some sites. We saw the louisville slugger museum and then went and registered and then went to the expo and then ate. Then took it easy at the hotel.

Fri got up and did the practice swim. The current was crazy it took me 5 min to get out and 15 min to get back in since I was being swept down river. It was cool to get in the water. We then took a ride and rode the bike course. ( I am gald I did this) The rest of the day we just took it easy and then we headed to the welcome banquet. We met people from BT which was cool. The whole thing was neat especially when they asked the first timers to stand up. (you only become an Ironman once). After the banquet went back to the hotel and rested.

Sat got up and took the bike for a quick spin. Came back and got all my stuff ready to check. Once all my stuff was ready my fiancee and I headed to gear check and then we went to get some last minute hydration items for the morning. Made dinner at the hotel and then went to bed ( watched rescue me on itunes)

Sunday woke up around 1 am. I ate 3 waffles and a cliff builder bar and gatorade and then went back to bed. I then got up around 3:45am and started my journey to becoming an ironman. My fiancee and I stayed at the Residence Inn downtown which was only 2 blocks from the start and only about a 10 minute walk from the finish and KICC and the galt house. Louisville was a nice place. A small and friendly city. We left the hotel around 430am and headed to get body marked.

Event warmup:

Got to the body marking area around 445am and then I knew it was time. The volunteers were great at getting you all set to race. I went in checked on my bike and placed my hydradtion and food on the bike. I also placed my helmet on the bike since they allowed us to do this because of the showers the night before. After this we headed to the swim start about a mile walk. On the way I had my red bull and my hammer caps and some immodium ad caps to keep my stomach calm. It was a nice and calm walk. Everyone was so quiet. We got to the starting area and got in line and waited to get in the water. I did see the pros start which was cool.



I found the swim to be calm. Steps were slippery getting out.



T1 was crazy. I never seen anything like this. I got my bike jersey on. One of the vol people helped me get it on since i was soaking wet. I made sure i had everything and headed out. I made a quick porta stop on the way.



Drank and ate alot on the bike. It was hot. I was grabbing 2 gatorades and a water at each aid station. I burned alot of calories. One thing i would tell people to do is learn to pee on the bike. I know this is a nasty topic but I went 4 times on the bike and I did not stop. You should have to pee on the bike. If you are not then you are not drinking enough. I did this bike course just right, my second lap was faster then first.



This was a quicker transition even though you had to run far from the road. I handed my bike off to a vol and then I grabbed my run stuff. As I placed my running stuff on the guy next to me gave up and handed his chip in. I was like wow but i had no time to sit there and feel bad for him since i was going on the last part of my ironman journey. I gave my bike stuff to a vol and then I headed out on the run.



The first loop of the run was great and as I started to near the 20 mile mark I could feel myself cramping up. I was grabbing 2 sponges at each aid station and ice and gatorade trying to stay cool. As I neared the 20 mile mark I got company. This older gentleman I think his name was BOB was on his first lap and was impressed at how I was doing for my first ironman so he ran with me. This was great to have this motivation. For miles 20-24 i was drinking chicken broth and coke because I was cramping so bad because I had no salt. I was on pace to break 11 hours and I was not going to stop. I have ran a marathon before but after biking 112 miles this was no marathon this was a mission to finish. As we rounded the 26 mile mark BOB wished me well and I headed towards the finish. I was running on pure will power at this point. As I felt that carpet under my feet I knew I was about to become an Ironman. I was all alone as I ran towards the finish line. I pumped my fists and the crowded grew louder. I hear my name and with that I
knew I was an IRONMAN

Post race

Warm down:

Got a massage and then headed back to the hotel I was not feeling so hot. My stomach was upset. I needed to sleep.

My fiancee was great. She was supportive the whole trip and she even went and claimed my bike and gear for me :)

Event comments:

Great Race. The whole city of louisville gets a BIG THANK YOU FROM ME AND MY FIANCEE.

Drove home on monday afternoon long ride gald to be home> going to take some time to recovery and then see what is next. I think Boston April 2008. Thanks
everyone for their support and motivation.

Last updated: 2007-08-28 1:00 AM
01:08:07 | 4223.5 yards | 01m 25s / 100yards
Age Group:0/102
Suit:No wetsuit only tri shorts

Course:We jumped in off a dock and swam around an island for about .75 of a mile then once we cleared the island swam some more up river then made the turn for home. The swim was calm. I would say swimming this far in only tri shorts is a challenge in itself. No wetsuit but the water was like bath water. Exited the swim and headed to T1.
Start type:Deep Water Plus:
Water temp:86F / 30C Current:Low
200M Perf.
Time: 06:24
Cap removal:Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck?No Run with bike:Yes
Jump on bike:Yes
Getting up to speed:
05:31:05 | 112 miles | 20.30 mile/hr
Age Group:0/102
Course:Course was somewhat challenging. The first 10-12 miles were flat. Then as you hit state road 42 there was about a mile climb and then we were into rolling hills. The out and back on lap 1 was tricky but the downhills were fast. I hit over 40mph. I made quick work of the hills. The rest of the course was up and down but overall good. The last 30 miles home were fast and as you get close to louisville it is flat. I am gald I train on hills the course was like riding at home
Road:Smooth Dry Cadence:
Turns:Good Cornering:Good
Gear changes:Good Hills:Good
Race pace:Comfortable Drinks:Just right
Time: 05:51
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike Good
Racking bike
Shoe and helmet removal Good
04:06:15 | 26.2 miles | 09m 24s min/mile
Age Group:0/102
Course:Course was a 2 loop course. As you come down 3rd street you head towards university of louisville and then you head back to the center of downtown (you see the finish) and then do it again. The course was mainly flat some ups and downs. It was hot when I was out there and as the sun went down there was more shade. Some parts of the course there was no one on the sides to cheer you. All the police officers were great they cheered as you went by. Aid stations were placed just right.
Keeping coolGood DrinkingJust right
Post race
Weight change:%
Mental exertion [1-5]5
Physical exertion [1-5]5
Good race?Yes
Course challengeJust right
Events on-time?Yes
Lots of volunteers?Yes
Plenty of drinks?Yes
Post race activities:Average
Race evaluation [1-5]5

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Race Reports Modeled with Permission from
Endurancecoach's Triathlon Post Race Analysis Sheet.


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